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Social Security & Veteran's Affairs FAQs

I’m 62, retired and want to apply for my Social Security retirement benefits. How can I do this?

You may contact the American Citizen Services section at the Consulate General to request the initial claims questionnaire.

Upon completion, the questionnaire and supporting documents will be forwarded to the Social Security Regional Office at the American Embassy, Manila at 0011-632-522-1514. For more information, consult the Social Security Online website.

How do I change my name on my Social Security card?

You may change your name on your Social Security card by completing application form SS-5 (from the Social Security Online website). Submit it with your original name change documents, e.g. marriage certificate or current passport showing the old and new names, to the Consulate General.

I need to change my address on my Social Security record. What form do I need?

No form is required. Just send in your written request to the American Citizen Service section at the Consulate General with your full name, correct address and your Social Security number. Alternatively, you may contact Social Security in the U.S. on 0011-1800-772-1213 and report your change of address.

How can I have my Social Security payments paid to my U.S. bank?

You may have your payments paid by direct deposit to your U.S. bank by completing form SF1199a (from the Social Security Online website). A New Zealand direct deposit form is available from the Consulate General in Auckland.

I need proof of what I receive from Social Security. What form can I use?

You may request a statement of benefits from the Regional Social Security Office at the Embassy in Manila by telephone: 0011-632-522-4716 or by email:

You will need to provide your Social Security number and address.

I would like to apply for Veteran Affairs benefits. How can I do this?

You may complete the VA form 21-526 which may be downloaded, along with instructions, from the Veteran Affairs website.

Where can I get an estimate of benefits that I (and my family) may be eligible for now and in the future?

You may request a Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement (PEBES) by completing form SSA-7004 (from the Social Security Online website). 

I would like to change my address for receipt of my monthly Veterans benefits. What form should I complete?

Contact the Regional Social Security Office at the U.S. Embassy in Manila by telephone: 0011-632-522-4716 or by email:

Upon my death, will my spouse be paid a benefit?

Your surviving spouse may be entitled to receive a payment. Further information concerning surviving spouse entitlement may be obtained from the Department of Veterans Affairs website for Veteran benefits, or the Social Security Online website for Social Security benefits.

If you still have Federal Benefits questions, please contact the regional office of the Social Security Administration by email:  or by telephone: 0011 632 522 4716.

For Veterans Administration (VA) questions, please contact the VA by email: VAVBAPIT/RO/ or by telephone: 0011 1 412 395 6272. Alternatively, you may contact the American Citizen Services section at the Consulate General in Auckland.

For further information please see the Social Security Administration webpage.

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